What is Plunk Desk?

A portable, adjustable standing desk handcrafted from wood and aluminum. Plunk fits into a custom bag and no tools are needed for assembly. 

The desktop is formed from curved plywood and covered in a real wood veneer. The veneer is available in three options. The tri-legged sand cast aluminum base features a chamfered edge and is hand-polished before getting one of two high-end modern finishes in burnished nickel or brass.

All parts of Plunk Desk are made in Los Angeles, California.

Where can I use Plunk Desk?

Plunk is perfect to use either as your primary desk or in combination with your home and work desks. It's small footprint is convenient for those in smaller urban apartments.

Outside the office, there are a ton of other uses. Kick back and free up your hands on the sofa by adjusting it to a lower height. Check in guests at a restaurant. Use it in place of a folding table while admitting a studio audience. It's also ideal for keeping your laptop nearby while giving a presentation.

How is the Plunk Desk created?

Plunk Desk is made entirely in the city of Los Angeles with the help of a number of talented craftsman and skilled laborers. Each desk is handcrafted by woodworkers, machinists, foundry workers, bag makers, platers and more—all who work within independent local businesses, most of which are multigenerational family owned and operated.

How much does the desk weigh?

Plunk weighs just over 8 pounds. It's very light, but has a solid stable feel. To increase the strength, the underside of the desk has a solid wood plug and a plate cut from solid aluminum.

What's the size of the desk?

The desktop is 20" x 15" and can comfortably accommodate a laptop or tablet up to 17". The base has a footprint of 16". The height is adjustable from a seated level of 25" up to 42". If the included extension tube is utilized, the desk extends to 52" and will accommodate anyone up to 6' 3" tall.

How long will it take to get my desk?

We keep more standard finish combinations in stock when possible. If we have your desk in stock at the time of order, it will be mailed within 3-5 business days.  

What does my desk come in?

All desks ship in a sturdy, reusable kraft carrying box. The inside of the box is fitted with foam made just for the Plunk Desk. The packaging will get your desk to you safely whether you're here in California or somewhere across the seas. 

What is the Production Desk?

C-Stands are an industry standard on every photo shoot and film set. They are primarily used for lighting, but are very versatile and can be employed in many other ways.

The Plunk production desk is the same quality curved plywood design used in the traditional Plunk Desk, but with a custom aluminum flange designed to fit C-Stands. A director or script supervisor could use the desk to keep their laptop or notes nearby. A photographer could place their camera on it rather than precariously leaving it on an apple box.

Rather than a wood veneer, the desktop is finished with a self healing, anti-reflective material, making it a perfect shooting surface. The production desk also comes with an oversized soft touch fluted knob to ensure securing the desktop is both comfortable and sturdy.

Optional carrying bag

  • Handcrafted in American made waxed canvas
  • Solid cast hardware
  • Double-sided full zipper to open bag to a flat packing position
  • Convenient zippered rear and easy access front pockets
  • Removable die-cut high density protective foam